How To Take Care Of Teeth(Avoiding These Will Harm You)

How to take care of teeth.5 Tips for brushing teeth. It will prevent caries and periodontal diseases.

How To Take Care Of Teeth
How To Take Care Of Teeth

Every day our teeth work on high-speed trips. Finally, each bite must be crushed until it can be digested by the stomach. This is self-evident for most people - until the teeth can no longer perform their task. For example, lack of oral hygiene makes life difficult for them. In fact,  only one in five clean their teeth properly . With a few dental hygiene tricks, the teeth can be properly cleaned and stay healthy. This can prevent caries and periodontal disease. Learn here how to keep your teeth healthy.

How to take care of teeth

Below tips will help you to know how to take care of teeth.

5 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth:

  1. The right technique: circling and jogging movements
  2. Do not forget a tooth!
  3. Apply the correct pressure
  4. Clean after the meal
  5. Brush teeth regularly

The right technique: circling and jogging movements

Incorrect motions of the toothbrush press the food feeder only deeper into the tooth spaces. Therefore do not clean from left to right, but rather from top to bottom!

Circulating movements

Circulating movements keep the teeth clean: from the gum, the toothbrush circles to the teeth and thereby removes the last food remains. The conversion is perhaps a little difficult at the beginning, because brushing usually takes place automatically and you have to remember new processes. But with some attention, it will not take long before the circular movements will also be automatic and the teeth will be cleaned better.

Shaking movements

The toothbrush is best placed obliquely on the teeth: and then shaken. This solves stubborn deposits that are attached to the teeth, but also to the gums.

Do not forget a tooth!

It depends on the system: If you want to have healthy teeth in the long run, you must not forget a tooth during cleaning. Systematic cleaning helps to clean all teeth. For those who do not pay attention, 33% of all tooth surfaces are ignored.

Also observe the interdental spaces

The interdental spaces are the critical points when brushing teeth: they are particularly bad. If you find foodstuffs here, bacteria quickly accumulate and make the tooth sick. When cleaning, do not forget a tooth gap and use the right technique!

From top to bottom

The cleaning can for example be started on the outer surfaces of the upper teeth, then prefabricated to the inner surfaces and especially dedicated to the cheeks and incisors. Then the toothbrush travels to the lower teeth.

The occlusal surfaces are treated as last. If you have found your personal technique, you should be faithful to it. As the processes are automated quickly, the teeth are cleaned easily and simply with a little practice.

The tongue is still there

Many are not aware that the cleaning of the tongue belongs to oral hygiene.

There are special mouth cleaners in the store. If there is no oral cleanser on hand, a tablespoon can also be used. Use the spoon to scrape the food remnants easily: To do this, take the spoon from the end of the tongue to the tip of the tongue. Do not press too hard to avoid irritation.

Here you can find some of the best alcohol free mouthwash that are the best oral cleaners in the market till today.

For More details :- Tips for heakthy teeth

Pressure, but not too much

The toothbrush is not a scrubber. Therefore: Apply only light pressure. Anyone using an electric toothbrush should pay particular attention to guiding the toothbrush and not pressing it onto the teeth.

The correct pressure is 100 grams. If you can not imagine this, you should use a kitchen scales and press until the scale shows 100 grams. The pressure is perhaps less than you would have expected before. Regular gum bleeding is an indication that one is usually too tight.

Clean after the meal?

You should clean your teeth for three minutes, but at least two. But when is the right time for this?

Before breakfast - or better after?

For a long time it was said that you should not brush teeth before breakfast. Finally, the work is in vain when new foodstuffs are deposited in the interdental spaces. But if you eat an apple, yogurt or other sour food for breakfast, you should take care: The acid slightly attacks the teeth - an effect that is enhanced by the toothbrush.

In order to preserve the teeth, it is better to wait half an hour to brush your teeth.

After each main meal

Actually you should clean your teeth after every meal. But because this is not always possible, you can concentrate on the main meals and after the breakfast and after lunch and dinner. In any case, the teeth should be cleaned before going to bed, so that no bacteria can settle overnight.

Brush your teeth regularly

This is also part of dental hygiene: the toothbrush should be replaced in every two months. After a flu or an infection in the mouth, the toothbrush should be changed immediately so that no new infection takes place. Moreover, a toothbrush should never be used by several people.

Home based dental care is also very important. In order to avoid illness, however, regular visits to the dentist must also be included.

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