How To Maintain Health And Beauty Of Teeth For A Long Time

How to maintain healthy teeth,How to maintain the beauty and health of teeth for a long time.

The problem in Preserving the healthy and strong teeth  is very relevant.Teeth are not only beautiful but they determine the General condition of the body, the digestive tract, the immune system as well. How to prevent diseases of the teeth, what preventive measures should be taken?


1)The first requires thorough oral hygiene. After all, the formed plaque is the most suitable environment for bacteria to grow. The teeth should be thoroughly cleaned in the morning and evening. You must also rinse your mouth with clean water after every meal. It is also recommended to use dental floss - this will remove food debris between teeth without damaging tooth enamel.

2)Teeth should be cleaned as follows: the front teeth should be cleaned through brushing movements up and down in both inner and outer sides, and the back should be cleaned in a circular motion. Choose a toothbrush with bristles of medium stiffness, And you should change it at least once in three months.

3)Sweets, sodas, too hot or too cold food, These are too harmful for teeth and all this destroys the tooth enamel, and even cause  tooth decay to sensitive teeth. So try to avoid such types of foods and drinks.

4)Be sure to visit your dentist at least two times a year, even if you feel that your teeth are completely healthy. The doctor will be able to see the beginnings of dental caries, which you haven't noticed.

5)In addition, modern dentistry offers a variety of professional prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums. These include professional cleaning of teeth - this procedure removes plaque which cannot be removed by mechanical means using a toothbrush, as well as removal of Tartar - which is one of the reasons for the development of caries and periodontitis. The doctor will help you to choose the most suitable toothpaste and will give additional recommendations on oral hygiene.

6)health of your gums is very important for the teeth. In this disease, like periodontitis, you may lose even the healthy teeth. Therefore, pay attention to the condition of your gums. If you notice that the gums are bleeding, swollen, painful sensations appear, should immediately consult a dentist.

How to maintain the beauty and health of teeth for a long time

✔A beautiful smile and healthy teeth depend not only on toothpaste and brushes, but also from bad habits and diet. To avoid diseases of the teeth, it is necessary to use different methods of prophylaxis, including cleaning the teeth and oral cavity in General.

✔A perfect resource which is used for cleaning interdental spaces, are toothpicks. They help to ensure the oral hygiene, performing only one function, which is to remove trapped pieces of food. Additionally, the toothpicks help get rid of plaque, which is formed on the side surfaces of the teeth.

✔Toothbrushes are the Indispensable assistant, which ensure the beauty and health of teeth. It can be from artificial or natural bristle, But dentists recommend just artificial materials, because they are more durable and hygienic, their shape and stiffness remain for a long time. A toothbrush needs to be made in such a way that it can reach the most distant areas, but the length of the brush should not be very large. Now a days electric toothbrushes can most effectively clean teeth .

✔Toothbrush will not be effective without toothpaste. So you need to buy the most expensive and advertised toothpaste, which promises the maximum effect in a short time, since, in General, all toothpastes work the same way. You need to pay attention to the composition – it should not be overloaded with unnecessary components. But the most important rule relating to toothpaste is in regular use - the only way to preserve the health and whiteness of teeth.

✔Mouthwash not only cleans the teeth but also the mouth. It can be used after meals if you cannot brush your teeth. But we must remember that the rinse composition contains a lot of chemicals, so it cannot be used more than three or four times during the day.

In General, the beauty and health of teeth depends on regular and thorough cleansing. 


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