Types Of Mouthwash That Kill Bacterial Plaque Like HULK

Anti septic and anti plaque mouthwashes avoids caries that causes demineralization of teeth and kills bacterial plaque for good dental health.

Types Of Mouthwash That Kill Bacterial Plaque Like HULK
Types Of Mouthwash That Kill Bacterial Plaque Like HULK

Bacterial plaque is a mass of bacteria that develops on the surface of teeth. It is like a layer of yellow colour over your teeth. Bacterial plaque is found between your teeth and cervical margins. Its progression is very dangerous as it leads to many types of oral diseases like caries that takes place when we do not remove dental biofilm. And when it gets harder it's called tartar. So hence this way this bacterial plaque can cause you severe oral diseases. Hence it must be removed. 

But what types of mouthwash you should use to kill the dental plaque or bacterial plaque.

To get rid of anti bacterial and anti plaque mouthwashes we need to use anti septic and anti bacterial mouthwashes. Below are some of the best anti bacterial mouthwash for you.

6 steps of plaque formation

Dental pellicle forms on the tooth and provides bacteria surface to attach.

Within hours, bacteria loosely bind to the pellicle.

Bacteria spread throughout the mouth and begins to multiply.

Microcolonies are formed. Streptococci secrete protective layer.

Biofilm formation
Microcolonies form complex groups with metabolic advantages.

Growth or maturation
The biofilm develops a primitive circulatory system.

List of 8 anti plaque mouthwash (8 best anti tartar plaque mouth rinse)

(1)Colgate total advanced pro shield

(2)Cool mint Listerine mouthwash

(3)Crest pro health multi protection

(4)Oral b Anti plaque alcohol free mouthwash

(5)Plax plaque loosening rinse

(6)Biotene anti plaque mouthwash

(7)Sarakan anti plaque mouthwash

So this is the types of mouthwash that kills bacterial plaque.


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