Remedies For Volatile Sulfur Compounds That Causes Halitosis

Home remedies for halitosis or bad breath. Volatile sulfur compounds are the reason for poor oral hygiene. Read here how to kill that bacteria.

Remedies For Volatile Sulfur Compounds That Causes Halitosis
Remedies For Volatile Sulfur Compounds That Causes Halitosis 

Bad breath facts

20% of the population suffers from chronic bad breath.
55% of people with bad breath experience depression as a result.
85% of bad breath cases are linked to oral hygiene issues.
90% of bad breath originates in mouth.

Triclosan products

What causes bad breath

It is caused by the bacteria that resides in our mouth, halitosis.This bacteria creates volatile sulfur compounds  by breaking down our food debris. These sulfur compounds are hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. Bacteria needs an environment where they can survive so they remain at those places which are difficult to reach like pockets around our teeth. (Bacteria got brain too...!!!:-) )

Homemade antibacterial mouthwash

Oral health

Poor hygiene
food particles get trapped between teeth and gums and then decay
Odors from without proper brushing and flossing.

Gum disease
Bacteria that lead to infection also create bad breath.
People with sensitive gums may be less likely to brush and floss because of pain.


pungent foods like garlic and onions can lead to bad breath for days.
dairy products with added sugar, like flavored yogurt, encourage bacterial growth in the mouth.

Coffee creates a strong odor and can stain your teeth.
Alcohol dries out the mouth,which in turn worsens bad breath.


Tobacco is leading cause of chronic bad breath.
Chemicals linger in the mouth and irritate tissues, leading to bacterial growth.

Liver or sinus infection
acid reflux

Treatment for bad breath

Visit your dentist
Address underlying dental issues hat lead to bad breath
Treat the cause of bad breath, not the symptom
All cases are patient specific-not "one size fits all"

Practice good oral hygiene
Brush and floss your teeth twice per day.
Quit smoking to improve your breath and overall health

Eat a healthy diet
Cut back on sugars and processed foods.
Incorporate more leafy green vegetables into your meals.

How to get rid of bad breath or halitosis

  1. Change the toothbrush to every four to five months after consuming food.
  2. Avoid cheese as well as other milk goods to reduce bad breath.
  3. Consume a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar right before every mealtime.
  4. Substances in green and black tea known as polyphenols could prevent bad breath.
  5. Brushing your teeth enamel with baking soda could prevent bad breath.
  6. Avoid alcohol due to the fact that alcohol discourages the mouth's saliva creation.
  7. Use a tonguer scraper to take away dead tissue, food and harmful bacteria.
  8. Mix sage, calendula with myrrh gum in identical amounts and rinse your mouth with it.
  9. Stay away from the onions, chili peppers, as well as garlic.
  10. Use a sip of drinking water after eating, swish it around and rinse.
  11. Try out a mouthwash which has essential oils. stay away from the mouthwashes with alcohol.
  12. Stress accelerated the development of unstable sulfur elements in the oral cavity.

What National Library Of Medicine Says about halitosis

National library of medicine says that halitosis can happen to you because of acute sinusitis and nose problems along with kidney diseases.

You can read the entire reports here .
Alcoholic mouthwash effects

Brazilian Oral Research

Brazilian oral research also comprehensively researched over the cause of halitosis and they state it as "The origin of halitosis may be related both to systemic and oral conditions, but a large percentage of cases, about 85%, are generally related to an oral cause. Causes include certain foods, poor oral health care, improper cleaning of dentures, dry mouth, tobacco products and medical conditions. Oral causes are related to deep carious lesions, periodontal disease, oral infections, peri-implant disease, pericoronitis, mucosal ulcerations, impacted food or debris and, mainly, tongue coating. "

You can read the entire research here.
ADA approved mouthwashes

Singhealth shows causes and prevention of halitosis

singhealth gave some tips over the halitosis from cause to prevention like the main causes of halitosis are poor oral hygiene, poor denture hygiene, tooth decay along with gum diseases and for prevention they state
brush your teeth daily,flossing and cleaning the tongue,daily clean your denture, use antiseptic mouthwash and consult your doctor.

You can read the entire research at here.
cetylpyridinium mouthwash side effects

The Guardian says H2S is responsible for bad breath

The guardian states in a post published "Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), the noxious mix that smells of rotten eggs and is a major cause of halitosis, appears to help transform the cells into liver cells, said a team from Nippon Dental University, Tokyo. It collected stem cells from the pulp – the central part of the tooth made up of connective tissue and cells – from patients undergoing routine extractions before separating them into a group incubated in an H2S chamber and a control group."

You can read the full post here.
Essential oil mouthwash

Dr. Harold Katz on Huffingtonpost

Huffingtonpost published an article over halitosis where they shared some opinion from Dr. Harold Katz where he states that cigar smoking is main reason of halitosis. He states that "Cigar smoke is one of the stronger smoking-related types of halitosis. When cigars are smoked, they give off a very pungent odor that is distinctive to many people. "

You can read the entire post at here.
Risks of using mouthwash

So this were the main causes and prevention of halitosis with some medical researches. 


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