How Long Does Coke(Cola) Stay In Your System And Its Effects

How long is coke in your system and find out its worse side effects. This happens when I drink a cola(coke).

how long is coke in your system
how long is coke in your system

Cola(coke) and other soft drinks are popular thirst extinguishers. But what happens in my body when I drink a cola(coke)? What happens when sugar, caffeine and the added acids pass my digestive system? What happens when all these substances get into my blood? I wanted to know what the cola(coke) did with my body. Read what I've found. Read what happens within an hour after drinking a cola(coke) in the body.

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A cola(coke) - and what happens then?

It is well known that you can clean the toilet with cola(coke) very wonderfully. If you let the cola(coke) work there for an hour, it obviously leaves a flashy little village.

I drink this "toilet cleaner" however - which many people do very regularly - the result is probably not quite as advantageous. Already in the mouth the cola(coke) begins with its destructive work. There it changes the mouthflora, feeds caries bacteria and attacks the molten tooth before it continues his journey and causes damage to the body at every station.

The cola(coke) does not contain many ingredients - water, sugar , color, phosphoric acid , caffeine and flavor - but sugar, caffeine and phosphoric acid are enough to turn water into a health catastrophe.

The first hour after a cola(coke)

What happens in the body in the first 60 minutes after drinking a cola(coke)?

10 minutes after a cola(coke)

how long is coke in your system
how long is coke in your system

In the first 10 minutes after the cola(coke) has landed in the body, the organism is confronted with a quantity of sugar equivalent to about 10 teaspoons. The extremely sweet taste can only be tolerated because it is masked by the added acids. Both together - sugars and acids - represent a kind of supergau for the teeth. At the same time the influx of sugar flows into the blood.

20 minutes after a cola(coke)

how long is coke in your system
how long is coke in your system

The blood glucose level reaches its maximum after 20 minutes. The pancreas reacts shocked and sends as much insulin into the blood as is possible. The insulin level shoots up.

If it is an American cola(coke) or another lemonade sweetened with HFCS (fructose-rich maissirup), then the liver must also push overtime to process the fructose masses. What does liver make with fructose? It converts the sugar into a lot of fat - a fat that accumulates around the liver and soon leads to a heavy and yellow fatty liver . While it has always been believed that diabetes brings  a fatty liver with it.

40 minutes after a cola(coke)

how long is coke in your system
how long is coke in your system

After about 40 minutes, the body has absorbed the entire amount of caffeine and is now in a caffeine-induced stress condition. The blood pressure rises and the pupils are slightly dilated. Stress hormones now urge the liver to emit sugar in order to cope with either fight or flight.

But the organism has just surrendered a flood of sugar. Now liver has to look again, as liver removes the sugar from the blood. For in general, the cola(coke) drinker  will neither go to fight nor flee. He will not consume the sugar over physical activities. As a result, the pancreas is again in demand and has to deliver insulin again for glucose control.

However, blood glucose fluctuations of this type lead to chronic inflammatory processes in the body, especially in combination with chronically elevated insulin levels. These are now known as a harbinger of almost every civilization disease - whether it is arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, hypertension and diabetes, or whether it is arthritis, osteoporosis, neurodermatitis , irritable bowel syndrome , allergies , chronic sinus infections, Parkinson's disease, inflammatory diseases, Alzheimer's disease, cancer or Always.

But I feel now - at least 40 minutes after a cola(coke) - finally awake, which today seems to be the only few people to succeed without caffeine-containing stimulant - even me. The caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors. As a result, the brain is flooded by activating messengers, the release of which would otherwise have been hindered by adenosine.

45 minutes after a cola(coke)

how long is coke in your system
how long is coke in your system

Five minutes later, I get the benefit of dopamine - a messenger that is one of the happiness hormones. Dopamine is also referred to as a reward hormone, it is always spilled when you have done something with enthusiasm or has achieved a goal.

However, since it is increasingly common today that everyday life is completed without enthusiasm and many people do not even pursue more goals, the cola(coke) or other drugs are just right.

60 minutes after a cola(coke)

how long is coke in your system
how long is coke in your system

After an hour, the phosphoric acid has also finished its work, and in the small intestine some vital substances, such as calcium , magnesium , zinc, etc., are bound to themselves , so that they can no longer be used by the body. Since many people are already suffering from a magnesium deficiency and / or zinc deficiency anyway, cola(coke) drinking is further intensifying this problem. So now you know how long is coke in your system.

However, a lack of vital nutrients is now associated with almost every disease, so that cola(coke) drinkers - similar to smokers - have to take daily supplements to compensate for their cola(coke)borative deficit due to the health care they provide with their health.

These Diseases can happen to you after more consumption of Cola

  • Cola(coke) leads to, for example, 
  • Blood glucose fluctuations, 
  • Chronic inflammatory processes ,
  • The storage of fat, 
  • The loss of nutrients, 
  • Internal stress conditions and an increase in blood pressure. 

Of all this, however, the cola(coke) drinker does not notice anything at first because their brain is fueled by artificially created feelings of happiness, which means that more and more coke is drunk - just as it is for a drug.

Some years later, one wonders where the diabetes, the vascular disease, the heart problem, the diseased joints, the allergy, etc. may come from. So you know now how long is coke in your system and what are the side effects of cola.

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