Electric Toothbrushes - Differences And Advantages

Electric toothbrushes are known in their facets today the most modern device for oral hygiene. So is the difference to a hand-held toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrushes - Differences And Advantages
Electric Toothbrushes - Differences And Advantages

The lack of dental hygiene was the reason for the fact that hardly a person in ancient times crossed the age of 30 years. Only gradually did solutions develop with an ever-improving cleaning effect. Clean, white teeth and healthy gums are a prerequisite for being successful and respected in society.

Anyone who has a gap in the dentition is treated with an appraisal and often finds it difficult. Electric toothbrushes are known in their facets today the most modern device for oral hygiene. So is the difference to a hand-held toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes also show technical differences. We show which models are effective and which criteria are critical to the purchase.

Electric toothbrushes - various types

The principle of the electric toothbrush hides behind a motor, which is supplied with electricity by an integrated rechargeable battery. The batteries can not be exchanged. The construction is watertight. The electric drive ensures that the movement, which is otherwise generated manually, takes place automatically in the device. This minimizes the effort and increases the cleaning power.

What are the differences between electrically driven units?

Rotational principle

Electric toothbrushes using the rotation principle have a round brush head, which shows a rotating movement. The brushes are reminiscent of appliances for tooth polishing. They were the first models with electronic drive. The cleaning power with the electronic toothbrush is more effective.
electric toothbrush
electric toothbrush

The rotating movement avoids the usual cleaning movement, which requires a manual toothbrush. Thus, each tooth can be cleaned more effectively. The removal of the covering is effected mechanically via the cleaning element. One criterion for the purchase is the simple change of the bristle heads, as well as their fair price.

The models which clean according to the rotation principle are the most favorable.

Sound brushes

Sonic toothbrushes also clean teeth  mechanically. The brush head is oval and thus reminds the hand toothbrushes. Also the type of the drive differs from the first models of the electric toothbrush. An electric sound transducer is used as the motor of the sound toothbrushes.
Sound toothbrush

The brush head oscillates at 200 to 300 hertz per second. The tooth is not cleaned by sound waves. Here, too, the effect of cleaning with a cleaning body is achieved. The sonic brushes clean more effectively than conventional electric toothbrushes due to the higher frequency. A criterion for the selection of a model is the price of single bristle heads for the exchange and the simple charge in a station.

The sonic brushes are more expensive than the electric toothbrushes with a rotating head.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes

Good ultrasonic toothbrushes generate vibration of 1.8 MHz. This corresponds to a number of 1.8 million oscillations per second. As electric toothbrushes the devices still had a battery, which is filled at a suitable charging station. The models do not need brush heads because the cleaning is achieved in combination with the generated sound waves and special tooth creams.
Ultrasonic toothbrush

Instead of a bristle head there is often a sponge that absorbs the resulting liquid, so that the cleaning experience remains pleasant. The toothpaste foams through the waves and ensures that the deposits peel off the tooth. The greatest advantage of ultrasonic toothbrushes is the lack of mechanical cleaning. The gums and the teeth are also spared.

The selection also depends on the price of the wearing parts. Ultrasonic toothbrushes are the most expensive solutions among electric toothbrushes.

Conclusion - Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manually operated models. The teeth and the gum are less damaged by many users. The electric brush head takes over the work, it does not have to be pressed so much. The price of good models is very high compared to manual toothbrushes.
Electric toothbrush

The basic models are long in use due to good processing. The price of wearing parts, which is often unreasonably high for low-priced basic models, is decisive. The ultrasonic toothbrush is the most effective and practical model.


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