Top 10 Best Foods For A Good Diet

These are my ten best and healthiest foods that are easy and practicable for a good diet. ✓ Watch the TOP 10 now!

good diet
good diet

Anyone who relies on a good diet will do something good for his body and, of course, his own health. A sensible healthy and good diet is also an indispensable prerequisite to make the fats tickle . In addition to sports such as jogging , deliberately selected foods are the perfect building blocks for a slim figure.

However, you do not have to focus on the effect of losing weight (= healthy food with less calories than you use daily). Basically you should know the best food for a good diet. Maybe next time you will automatically and consciously not go to the greasy, salty burgers but rather to the healthy food alternative.

I have put together a selection of the ten best food in this top 10 list. Anyone who takes a few of them as part of cooking and eating is likely to be on the right track.

Important note : If you are struggling with weight problems - whether too heavy or too light - you should always talk to the doctor for an individualized diet plan. The following foods are healthy, but not the right choice for everyone.

The selection: Ten healthy foods for a good diet

Let's go now with my composition of the top 10. What kind of food does it make on place 1?

Place 10: tap water / mineral water

Silent water is particularly acceptable, as is the tap water. Everyone will have already experienced that carbonated water in some larger quantities in short periods of time can once again upset the stomach.

Water is an essential prerequisite for a successful round diet. Approximately 1.5 to 3 liters of it per day ensure a balanced mineral balance.

Place 9: Melon

Apart from much water, the melon fruit contains beta-carotene, which is likely to be cellular. Ideal as a cooling and refreshing food on hot summer days.

Place 8: Peppers

A vegetable full of vitamin C: the peppers . Paprika also suits to almost every stew, to noodles, or even as a filled appetizer.

Place 7: boiled potatoes

Today, carbohydrates are considered unacceptable for people with a disability. Actually wrong. Because with a good potato one not only misses the wonderful hearty taste in but also their complex high-quality carbohydrates.

These are by no means bad building blocks for nutrition but an absolute must - should they be balanced!

Place 6: kidney beans

Dietary fiber and protein provide enough for the reddish kidney beans. They wait with 63 calories per 100 grams. And with less than 0.5 grams of fat. Real Top Values!

Place 5: green tea

Green tea is said to have a beneficial effect. Although it is somewhat tart in the taste.

Green tea also contains caffeine. If you are hoping for a detoxifying effect, try this tea once.

4th place: Frozen spinach

TK stands for frozen food.

Spinach is healthy and should be "interwated" once or twice during the week. A suggestion? Noodles are excellent with TK spinach and for example a little fish. The time required for these menus: not even 10 minutes.

3rd place: beef fillet

Absolutely lean and of course extremely tasty: Beef fillet is absolutely one of the good foods that belong to a balanced diet. Vegetarians and vegans can see it differently, for all the others, beef fillet belongs to the easy-to-eat natural goods.

2nd place: broccoli

Broccoli, perhaps even above all broccoli, is a top example of fresh, nutritious vegetables that are absolutely perfect for eating from the frozen chill . Some even claim that TK broccoli is even fresher and better than broccoli from the market. Because of the rapid freezing, the valuable nutrients are still very well preserved. Broccoli is popular especially for bodybuilders.

100 grams contain about 30 kcal and about 3.3 grams of protein. An absolutely deserved second place.

Place 1: apple

A green and a red apple
Virtually no fat, a high vitamin content (with vitamin C, A, D, E, B1 and so on ...), and a lot of water (> 80%) make it an absolute super-food The best.

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