The 10 Best Tips Against Toothache For Urgent Pain Relief

The 10 best tips against toothache: What to do? Tips against toothache with household remedies.

The 10 Best Tips Against Toothache For Urgent Pain Relief
The 10 Best Tips Against Toothache For Urgent Pain Relief

Many people feel toothache as extremely unpleasant. This is due to the fact that the teeth are equipped with very sensitive nerve fibers . These pains are one of the worst sorrows for man at all. In this review I would like to present my 10 best tips against toothache.

A problem for the tooth occurs, for example, as soon as damage to the tooth fuse occurs. Irritations of the nerve fibers are, for example, possible by the penetration of bacteria . Also injuries can lead to toothache.

Before severe pain occurs, it often seems that a single tooth reacts sensitively to warmth, cold or sugar. These complaints should be taken seriously, as they indicate that a more serious injury might be present. Even caries is a common cause of the occurrence of discomfort. An untreated caries can penetrate into the interior of the tooth where the sensitive nerves are located.

Inflammation of the gum, which is called parodontitis , is also capable of causing pain, which can often be the case with mild inflammation.


There are therefore very different causes for painful teeth. In most cases, however, there is a problem with the tooth. For example, inflammation of the tooth nerve can be a cause of the pain. Problems in the mouth and jaw can also lead to complaints. It is also possible that toothaches are related to diseases that originate from other areas of the body. These include, for example, inflammation of the nasal sinuses, but also inflammation of the middle ear. In rare cases, the toothache may be related to a heart attack.

Complaints affecting the teeth are often very unpleasant . They can be particularly effective with the help of a dentist. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to go to the doctor immediately if the pain occurs. Then some promising tips can help alleviate the discomfort.

Top 10 remedies for toothache

In the following, I have listed the ten best tips against toothache in my opinion. This is precisely the point: fast control of punctual and sharp toothache.

First of all, it must be made clear that pain on the tooth is always due to certain causes. In any case, you should have a thorough consultation with the doctor / dentist . Only these freelancers can determine in a particular case what is best to help. In certain cases, the following tips might even be counterproductive.

Place 10: Wheat grass

To combat the pain, some wheat grass is put into the mouth to chew on the affected tooth. This has the effect that the juice contained in the wheat grass reaches the painful site in the mouth.

The active ingredients of this plant, which are supposed to inhibit bacterial growth, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect, contribute to the fact that wheat grass is one of the most popular home remedies when toothaches occur.

Place 9: Fluoride-containing toothpaste

Toothbrush with fluoro toothpaste. If the teeth are painful, it may be helpful to apply toothpaste containing fluorine to the affected areas. This covers the teeth for a while. Hot or cold foods can irritate the tooth nerve when the dentin channels are exposed.

Within a foreseeable period of time, however, a dentist should be consulted, because empty teeth are prone to tooth decay. If a commercially available toothpaste is used, this should at least have a fluoride content of 1450 ppm.

Place 8: Onion pieces

A small cut onion is wrapped in a cloth and then held as an onion pack against the cheek.

It is also possible to place an onion disc directly on the affected tooth. Onions contain many essential oils and thereby exert their soothing effect.

Position 7: Guava Leaves

Since guava has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, it is possible to use it when toothache occurs. For this purpose, a root should be chewed, which can be both cooked and raw.

Chewing leaves of this plant is also possible. From the leaves of the guava, a tea can also be prepared for gargling.

Place 6: tea

Herbal teas, which contain chamomile, sage and peppermint, are a popular home remedy for the relief of toothache. The tea is used for rinsing. If open spaces are present in the oral cavity, rinsing is more advantageous than the use of spices or oils.

After medical interventions, the patient should adhere to the doctor's instructions and not resort to household medication without his consent.

5th place: salt water

Saltwater is a very simple and effective home remedy for toothache. For this purpose a larger portion of salt is poured into a glass of water, which should be warm.

It is important that the water is warm because the heat causes the salt crystals to dissolve. As a result, the tooth can not be damaged by the salt. For a few minutes the mouth is rinsed with the salt water, which has a soothing effect.

4th place: Tea tree oil

Tea tree from which the oil is extracted. A drop of tea tree oil, which is placed in a glass filled with hot water, can help the toothache sufferer.

Tea tree oil is used to combat quite different ailments and is also used for toothache.

3rd place: Carnation oil

In order to achieve a soothing effect, the oil is applied to the affected area. It is also possible to chew on a clove when the oil is not available. Such oil has an antibacterial effect.

But care: Pregnant women should refrain from using this remedy because it can cause pains.

2nd place: cold

It can be very helpful to cool the affected cheek. For this purpose, a moist lobe or a cold gel pack is held against the aching cheek. However, a pack that has been refrigerated in the freezer compartment should never come into direct contact with the skin.

This may cause damage to the skin surface. It is therefore useful to wrap the cold pack with a cloth.

Place 1: Painkillers

Sugar is not conducive. Medicines containing, for example, ibuprofen or paracetamol may be helpful in the case of toothache. Pregnant women should not take any painkillers without consulting their doctor.

The drugs help to quickly alleviate the pain, but should only be used at short notice, until a dentist can be found. 

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