5 Practicable Tips For A Stronger Immune System

5 practicable tips to strengthen your immune system and make it stronger like superman.

5 Practicable Tips For A Stronger Immune System
5 Practicable Tips For A Stronger Immune System

The nose runs, the throat becomes thick and the limbs ache. Body temperature rises - you feel uncomfortable, low in energy and have to stand up: once again ill. With the following 5 tips you strengthen your immune system and protect yourself against colds.
Every cold is lengthy and annoying. The dangers of catching germs that cause a cold are lurking everywhere. Whether it's the grip in the subway, the sneezing colleague, or even the ailing child - in a weak immune system, the pathogens have no problem that they overstate the immune system, conquer the body and cause the first symptoms of a cold. However, you can fight against it and strengthen your immune system. There are quite a few tips and tricks to strengthen your immune system and to deal with prolonged colds.

1. Regular movement

Studies show that those who are active in sports are less affected than those for whom sporting activity is rarely possible.

If you exercise regularly during a training session, you will not only increase your fitness, but also strengthen your immune system. In the end, you can increase your immune cells in the body through a moderate training.

Predominantly, endurance sports are suitable, which ensure that the body is spared during the flu season. If you exercise three to five times a week, your immune system strengthens. Parade sports include cycling or Nordic walking.

However, one must not exaggerate. If you train like wild, you will have a reversal effect and will weaken your immune system.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to train with an empty stomach. People who are suffering from chronic diseases or who have not trained for a certain time should consult a doctor before the start of the training and have a health check carried out.

2. Sufficient sleep

Another positive effect that strengthens the immune system is a restful and adequate sleep.

Those who sleep little or complain about non-restful nights are, according to studies, more susceptible to colds.

This is because even immune cells have a so-called day-night rhythm. Immune cells work more effectively during the night, so a restful and adequate sleep is important to regenerate and rebuild.

How much sleep is necessary for man, however, must answer for himself. On average, you should sleep seven to eight hours.

It is also important to pass through all sleeping phases to strengthen your immune system and to recover at the same time.

3. A balanced and healthy diet

Zinc provides a strengthened defense system.

For this reason, it is important to be balanced and healthy. Zinc is mainly contained in milk, cheese as well as meat.

In various experiments it has even been found that the well-known rhinoviruses, which are responsible for many colds, can be controlled by zinc.

If you do not get enough zinc over the food, you should necessarily take food supplements.

Zinc also helps with the first symptoms of a cold. In addition to zinc, vitamin C is also helpful to strengthen its immune system.

Vitamin C, however, does not ensure that a cold is prevented, but ensures a positive favor of the cold.

The vitamin is found in citrus fruits, peppers and various varieties of cabbage. If you take too little vitamin C through the diet, dietary supplements can provide relief and regulate the vitamin C diet.

But the vitamins A, B6 as well as B12, D and vitamin E as well as folic acid also support and strengthen the immune system.

Trace elements such as selenium, copper and iron also have a positive effect on colds.

As a rule, nutrients are absorbed by a sufficiently balanced diet so that food supplements can be dispensed with.

It is important that you consume enough fruits and vegetables and avoid the consumption of fast foods or finished products.

4. Saunas

Another way to boost your immune system is the sauna. Due to the elevated temperature the vessels are extended and at the same time the circulation is stimulated.

In addition, the body is heated, the body produces sweat and produces a cooling effect.

After the saunas, the vessels narrow and the body temperature becomes normal again.

This effect ensures that the body can better adjust itself to the interplay of heat and cold.

Studies show that people who often go to the sauna are much less likely to catch cold than those who avoid the sauna.

Especially saunas are recommended, during the winter months. It is advisable to go to the sauna once or twice a week and thus strengthen your immune system.

Changing cells also strengthen the immune system. It is advisable to start slowly with change-over switches; Who changes between ice cold and burning, produces the opposite effect. Caution should also be exercised in the sauna: If you rarely or not go into the sauna and now try to strengthen your immune system with the saunas, you should start slowly. Nobody has to spend half an hour in the sauna, so that his immune system is armed from illness. It is important that you start small and slow and increase your body.

5. Pay attention to intestinal health

For a strengthened immune system, bowel health is also an important aspect.

Sickening germs always ensure that the immune system is "overhauled" and the pathogen spreads.

The intestinal flora is responsible not only for the immunological processes in the intestine itself, but also plays an essential role in the whole body.

The diet is primarily responsible for intestinal health.

Those who follow the tips and tricks of a balanced and healthy diet thus not only increase the immune system, but also ensure a healthy intestinal flora.

And this is at the same time responsible for a strengthened immune system.

Thus, a cycle begins which prevents pathogens and germs from entering the body and providing for a cold.

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