White Flour In Pregnancy: Fat Child

The consumption of white flour during pregnancy affects the baby - for the child it increases the risk of becoming obese in later life.

White Flour In Pregnancy: Fat Child
White Flour In Pregnancy: Fat Child

Bright flour varieties deliver only a few vital substances. Since they are also low in fiber and fiber would have a very positive effect on health, products from the so-called pull-out meal are generally considered not very healthy. Researchers found that the consumption of white flour also affects the baby when the mother is often using light baking and pasta during pregnancy. In that case, the child is at risk of becoming obese in later life.

In pregnancy no white flour

White flour (also called extract flour) is produced by removing the edge layers and the germ from freshly ground whole grain flour. Only carbohydrates (starch) and protein ( gluten ) remain. Vital substances and dietary fibers are only present in very small amounts in bright flour varieties.

For this reason, the glycemic load of white flour products is higher than that of whole grain products , which means that white flour products have a much greater effect on blood glucose levels and are much more likely to lead to blood glucose fluctuations.

White flour products are not recommended, especially not when thinking of a diabetes , a gestational diabetes or a diabetes precursor suffers. Pregnancy diabetes appears only during pregnancy and disappears after childbirth . It affects three to four percent of all pregnant women - however with a high dark figure and also with a tendency which has been rising for several years.

Pregnancy diabetes helps healthy eating

If the blood glucose level rises as part of a pregnancy diabetes, high amounts of sugars also enter the bloodstream of the child. The child can become very large, which makes the birth difficult. In the unfavorable case, however, the child may also suffer brain damage or a metabolic disorder.

Pregnancy diabetes should therefore be controlled and treated very well - for which, of course, there is also a suitable diet in which white flour products have no place.

For it is already known that 90 per cent of all women who are suffering from a pregnancy diabetes are only able to change their diet and lifestyle by regulating the blood glucose level. Insulin therapy must be performed only in very few patients.

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The more white flour in pregnancy, the more likely overweight in the child

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health published a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in June 2017 , which examined the link between diet during pregnancy and a later overweight of the child.

The authors have already pointed out in their introduction that it has long been known how dough and bakery products can affect health, because they are associated with overweight , diabetes and heart disease.

We examined the data of 918 mothers and their children who had taken part in the Danish National Birth Cohort , a study that had involved more than 91,000 pregnancies in Denmark. All The mothers had suffered from a pregnancy diabetes.

It was found that those children whose mothers consumed the most white flour products during pregnancy (more than 156 grams of white flour per day) were twice as likely to be overweight at the age of seven years than children whose mothers had the least white flour products (less than 37 grams) White flour per day).

The relationship between the mother's consumption of white flour and the weight of the children remained unchanged, even taking into account other factors which could lead to overweight in the children , As lack of exercise , too low consumption of fruits and vegetables , a high consumption of sweets, etc.

Dietary drinks during pregnancy also increase the child's overweight risk

In addition, the researchers found that even the consumption of sweetened beverages during pregnancy in the child can lead to overweight. Women who took at least one of these drinks a day were more likely to have overweight children than women who were drinking only water.

Being overweight is often a serious problem for children. The University of Southern California , published a study in June 2017 in which it was said that obese children are unpopular among their peers than lean children. Consequently, overweight children also had fewer friends and were more often excluded from cliques.

The researchers found their results alarming, since unpopular children are very much in danger of being united, isolating themselves, suffering from depression or developing unhealthy dietary habits.

Earlier scientific work had already shown that people who feel isolated and lonely are also much more vulnerable to disease. They are more likely to suffer from chronic inflammatory processes and a weak immune system than people who feel well cared for in society.

In the pregnancy eat healthy - without white flour, without diet drinks

As the numbers of overweight children have been exploding for years (over the last two decades, more than 30% of the children have been overweight) and 15% of children are already overweight, mothers should do their best to help them and start a healthy life.

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