How To Keep Your Teeth Alive Until Old Age

How to keep your teeth alive until old age. These are some precautions to take for the safety of your bright and shine teeth.

How To Keep Your Teeth Alive Until Old Age
How To Keep Your Teeth Alive Until Old Age

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All people dream of having beautiful white smile, but about how to keep their teeth to old age – did not even dream of.

I must say that this does not require something supernatural, although some effort will certainly have to make throughout life. No wonder they say that you need to protect young teeth.

Competent care with mouthwash and boiled water

Everyone loves and appreciate to take care of them, believe me, teeth too. So do not forget every day to clean them at least twice – morning and evening. Also use mouthwash for the oral cavity throughout the day after meals. Or at least rinse your mouth with boiled water. Do not rinse with mouthwash just after getting teeth cleaned in the morning better to do it after breakfast. And after brushing you need to rinse your mouth with warm boiled water. Be aware that rinsing strengthens the muscles of the cheeks.

Role of toothbrush, baking soda and toothpicks

It is better to choose Toothbrush of medium size and of medium hardness so as not to have a too intense impact on tooth enamel. Change your toothbrush at least once in three months. Use dental floss or a floss, because no brush will reach to those areas  that would get the thread. And what about toothpicks. It turns out that when we use them carelessly it can seriously injure the gums. Therefore, use only wooden toothpicks and if possible, replace them with floss. Add a pinch of baking soda once a week into paste when brushing your teeth – this will help keep the whiteness of your teeth. But do not overdo it, because soda corrodes the enamel.

Don't forget about professional hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. For this you need to visit your dentist in every six months . And do not forget treat those teeth that need it.

Proper nutrition

Competently composed diet, undoubtedly, will help your teeth to remain in place as long as possible. Many will be surprised, but the chocolate strengthens gums and is useful for teeth as it prevents bacteria in your mouth to multiply. Black coffee has the same properties as well.

The most important element for the preservation and strengthening of the teeth is calcium. It is abundant in dairy products. Fluorine will help in In strengthening the teeth, which is abundantly found in fish. Hard vegetables, such as cucumber are also good to clean teeth from plaque.

For snow-white smile like Julia Roberts, she advises to rub your teeth with strawberries. She says it is the secret of her beautiful smile .

By following these simple rules, you can be the owner of a healthy natural smile to a ripe old age. Healthy and strong teeth have a tremendous impact on the health of the entire body.


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