How To Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide, Learn all the method of teeth bleaching and whitening.

How To Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide
How To Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

Today a white smile is one of the signs of a healthy lifestyle, beauty and well-being. Dental clinics offers teeth whitening procedure in several ways. But such pleasure is not the cheapest, so many people bleach the teeth at home. The most popular method is the procedure by using hydrogen peroxide.

Preparation before teeth whitening

Method of bleaching teeth with hydrogen peroxide is the same procedure, as discoloration of hair and is not useful to health. Therefore, damage should be minimized before the use.

To find out the condition of the teeth and enamel, you should go for a consultation with the dentist. Treatment for enamel with hydrogen peroxide needs to be fairly thick and durable. Also formed yellowness should be just on the surface, otherwise the methods used do not give the expected result. From the white color of the teeth will have to be abandoned in the case of diseases of periodontal disease, dental caries and eruption of wisdom teeth.A thorough inspection of the seals will help in the future to avoid destruction of the entire tooth, as peroxide goes inside the tooth through the cracks and we need to seal those cracks over time.

From bleaching with hydrogen peroxide do not advise children under 16 years, pregnant women and patients who have crowns or braces.

How to carry out the whitening procedure

Ways of whitening teeth using hydrogen peroxide is simple and does not require special training. The procedure will only need a vial of the funds.

(1)Add 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide with 50 grams of water and mix it. Rinse your mouth for three minutes with this solution after brushing. And than again rinse your mouth with plain water.

(2)In the second method, take a cotton swab, apply peroxide to it and rub teeth. After the procedure it is necessary to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.

(3)In the third take a toothbrush, put few drops of hydrogen and brush your teeth.

All these methods allow to achieve a white smile in a short time. But don't rush things and achieve more rapid effect, often applying these procedures or undiluted solution. Once a day is enough to achieve the goal. If you do not follow these rules, you can get burns to the gums and damage the enamel.

Cons of bleaching

The procedure itself is considered to be unpleasant because of the specific taste of hydrogen peroxide. During and after the procedure, it can burn the gums. During the course of whitening, teeth become sensitive to hot and cold.

After bleaching, you should try to maintain the whiteness of teeth.To do this, you should drink coloring beverages (coffee, juice, tea, etc.) through a straw, use whitening toothpastes and monitor the overall condition of the teeth with.

Tip 2: How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

How To Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide
How To Whiten Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

Whitening teeth using hydrogen peroxide is quite simple, inexpensive and effective procedure. But before proceeding to such activities at home, you need to become familiar with the use of different methods based on the use of peroxide.

Methods of teeth whitening

There are different ways of whitening your teeth with hydrogen peroxide at home.

(1)The first method is based on the mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide, which is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1. After 3 minutes brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with the resulting solution, and then use water to wash away the remnants of the bleaching mixture. This procedure should be carried out a couple of times a day. The greatest effect can be achieved by combining rinsing with a solution of hydrogen peroxide containing tiny abrasive particles whitening toothpaste.Such procedures should be performed not longer than a week, you need to take break as well, at least 2 weeks.

(2)Another method of teeth whitening based on their cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. This procedure is more effective than rinsing. When you use the brush, the peroxide penetrates deeper into the enamel, and therefore the teeth are whitened faster. The cleaning solution is prepared from an ordinary tooth-powder and hydrogen peroxide (3%) in a ratio of 1:1. The ingredients are mixed together and used as toothpaste for 2 times a day. After this cleaning teeth,rinse mouth.

(3)Another method of teeth whitening involves using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. For brushing teeth make your brush dipped in peroxide and sprinkled with pinch of baking soda. Again clean your teeth, but with the help of regular toothpaste. It is usually conducted once a day during the week.

The first method of whitening is the least harmful to teeth, the second has more, third – most.

Recommendations on teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide

(1)It is not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide for children up to 12 years. Adults felt the discomfort and burning during the whitening procedure, So you must stop if you feel the same way.

(2)If you have recently made the piercing than whitening teeth is not recommended, as well as in the presence in the oral cavity wounds and deep ulcers.

(3)Hydrogen peroxide is useful only for the smaller wounds. And healing contributes to the concentration of the solution which should not be stronger than 3%. Stronger concentrations can cause burns and swelling.

(4)For the high effectiveness of teeth whitening, you should use fresh peroxide. During prolonged storage in contact with air, it may lose its activity. Before the whitening procedure, you should check the skin reaction to bleaching components. Only then can we begin to achieve the goal of whitening teeth.


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