10 New Thoughts About Nutrition In Heat That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

You Should Experience Nutrition On Heat At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why.Never Underestimate The Influence Of Nutrition In Heat.

nutrition in heat
nutrition in heat

Many people love the summer and are looking forward to hot chords, but there are a lot of things to consider in terms of diet.

As the temperatures rise above 30 degrees, the demands on our body are also increases. The following article provides useful tips to avoid stress on the body.

Avoid circulation problems - alarm sign thirst

A sufficient supply of liquid is the most important at high summer temperatures due to water loss in the form of sweat.

In the event of heat, a lack of fluid and an over-stress must be forbidden as the body reacts rapidly with a drop in blood pressure during this weather, headaches, dizziness and also digestion problems may be possible.

The blood vessels expand at high temperatures. This serves the purpose that the heat of the body can be dispensed more easily.

The blood, however, spills in the legs, whereby the brain receives less oxygen.

How much liquid is needed?

In order to balance the water balance, at least 1.5 liters of liquid in the form of water, isotonic drinks, herbal teas or still mineral water, eg with lemon or mint, are recommended.

What to avoid?

Carbonic acid is to be avoided, as this additionally stresses the gastrointestinal tract.

If you are on the road at hot temperatures, the sweat loss should be compensated for every 10-20 minutes by an isotonic drink. Also, you should start your sporting activities early in the morning and by no means at noon.

On coffee, black tea and alcohol should be dispensed, because these beverages can additionally load the circulation. Also sweet refreshments, coke and soda are not suitable for extinguishing thirst.

Tempting - but also to avoid are ice-cold drinks. Ice cold in the abdomen exaggerates a sweating body only unnecessarily.

When very cold is drunk, the body needs a lot of energy to balance the temperature, which generates heat again. Therefore, in the southern countries, tea is drunk with great heat.

Cold drinks also cause stomach pain when drunk too quickly.

Light food in heat

Calorie bombs should be avoided on hot days. Fat, heavy food is a strain on the body and circulation.

The body is additionally challenged by a heavy diet, since this is complicated to digest.

Therefore, light food is ideal on hot summer summers.

Fruit, vegetables and salads can be found here, since they are easily digestible and are good sources of food for minerals, especially potassium and magnesium (these are increasingly excreted in sweat!).

Another advantage is the high water content of vegetables, especially melon types, cucumbers and tomatoes are recommended.

The body is supplied with liquid, but also with vitamins and minerals.

It is recommended to consume lots of carbohydrates and to avoid greasy food if possible.

The popular grill parties should be laid out at night, because proteins in the form of hearty meat strain the body especially during the noonday.

The same applies to sharp dishes, because pepper, chili, salty etc. stimulate the sweat glands.

Salt should also be used sparingly as it binds too much water.

What is the ideal diet for the day?

For breakfast, for example, yogurt, cereal and fruit are ideal. At lunch, a salad, stewed vegetables, potatoes or rice is recommended.

For dinner, easy digestible foods are advisable, for example yogurt, fresh fruit, vegetables or a sandwich with cheese and ham.

In the evening, it was better to avoid eating less and avoiding heavy food to keep your stomach from resting.

If there is a barbeque at the program, grab lean meats or fish, grilled sauces on yoghurt basis and plenty of salad and vegetables.

Fruit is also suitable as a delicious smoothie.

Here the imagination can be left free.

In high heat, several small meals should be taken.


These tips are designed to help you to protect the body at high temperatures and not to strain.

If you change your eating habits in heat, you will generally be better off.

Not only does the right thing, but also regularly eat, even if it is very hot. 

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