8 Tips To Keep Teeth Healthy And Avoid Dentist

These 8 tips will keep children's teeth healthy and avoid dentist. Avoid dentist and be happy.

8 Tips To Keep Teeth Healthy And Avoid Dentist
8 Tips To Keep Teeth Healthy And Avoid Dentist

(1)Brushing and brushing

Help your children to brush their teeth daily. Make it practice for them and make them habitual of it. Tell them the importance of brushing and give them good bribe like "if you brush regularly than we don't have to go to dentist" Through this you will make your child active and alert for oral hygiene. You can also use some baby mouthwash because brushing alone is less effective but if you use mouthwash than it reaches up to those area in mouth where brush can't. So brushing and using mouthwash is compulsory.


Monitor your children's mouth after brushing and check for plaque that is still present there. Sometimes children don't do it effectively so check for it until the plaque has removed. Always monitor your children's mouth because being careless will put them and you also in trouble and you will have to go to dentist.


Provide them nutritious food which have plenty of vitamins and minerals. Avoid junk food because it reduces the digesting power of children. Also provide them enough calcium so that later they don't have to face tooth problems. Problems related to tooth occurs because of lack of calcium. So provide them healthy food.

(4)Avoid these

Always avoid sugary foods and drinks. Do not offer cold drinks to your children. They are very dangerous for their teeth and stomach as well. They cause stomach heat and many other problems. So avoid such type of food specially highly processed food. Offer them ray vegetables and fruits.

(5)Tap water

Offer them tap water because it contains fluoride and fluoride is good for health.

(6)Monitor again

Sometimes children are unable to express what are they feeling so check their mouth regularly if they are having any tooth decay or swelling in gums. And if it occurs than consult to any dentist in your city as soon as possible.


Always encourage your children who wears braces and tell them to brush and floos at regular interval. This will encourage them to adopt oral hygiene method. Teeth looks depends on the care of braces. If you will take care of your child while she has put on braces than the look of teeth will be better after the braces are off. You also need to pratice good oral care before the tooth comes.

(8)Always remember

Every children should have oral health check up by the time when they turn two or three. You should also discuss the risk of level disease from the doctor and when you should visit them next time. Always consult a doctor and follow their recommendations. But even if you follow these tips than your children teeth will be healthy and we wish you don't have to visit dentist.


  1. This was really helpful, as I have two young boys and I want them to have good teeth! I never really knew about the tap water fact! I'll also try to bring healthier food in the home so they won't eat so many sugary snacks!


  2. Thanks dear for sharing these tips to have healthy teeth. I am very much concerned about my dental health and regularly visit on this site dental school letter of recommendation sample


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