How To Cure Diseases By Just Pressing Your Fingers! Amazing

Cure diseases by just squeezing or pressing your fingers.Treatment for anxiety,headaches
disappointment,muscle pain,fatigue,anger,stress and nervousness.

How To Cure Diseases By Just Pressing Your Fingers! Amazing
How To Cure Diseases By Just Pressing Your Fingers! Amazing

It turns out, fingers are the main "generators" of fear, anxiety, irritability and insecurity. Massaging or gently squeezing them, you will not only get rid of negative emotions, but also contribute to improving the state of certain organs of the body.

Way of the examples below is the one you need the most at the moment and try to imagine.

Thumb: anxiety and headaches

The thumb is directly linked to conditions such as depression and anxiety. so he "supervises" the condition of the spleen and stomach.

If you noticed that in recent years you have become more prone to neurosis or suffering from frequent headaches, squeeze thumb with the palm of the other hand.

Squeeze your finger hard enough, but not to nip too. Hold this position for 3-5 minutes. It has a great impact on brain activity.

Index finger: disappointment and muscle pain

This finger is "responsible" for the emergence of fear and confusion, as well as "monitoring" the work of the kidneys.

Experts at the University of Massachusetts have proven that the massaging of the index fingers do a positive effect on the course of treatment of kidney disease. It also helps to alleviate muscle and back pain.

Middle finger: fatigue and anger

If you feel tired and irritable, firmly squeeze the middle finger and also hold this position for 3-5 minutes.

This will not only help to get rid of negative emotions, but positive impact on the functioning of the liver. In addition, this exercise helps lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety.

Ring finger: problems with the digestive system and pessimism

Want to get rid of negative emotions and insecurity? Concentrate your energy on the ring finger.

Also massage of the finger has a positive effect on the digestive and respiratory systems, which reduces pain in the chest and kidneys. Don't forget that when you perform these exercises you need to keep calm and control your breathing

Pinky: stress and nervousness

This finger is "monitoring" the self-esteem. If you feel that lately you have it unreasonably low, perhaps the little finger is not enough energy and concentration of blood.

Massaging the finger. concentrate on what you are doing, throw away all unnecessary thoughts, think only of good. This exercise is also great for those who suffer from problems with the nervous system or chest pain.

Push down on the center of the palm, make 3 full inhalation and exhalation, release the pressure and repeat this cycle again. Do this a few times at least before you feel that feeling of nausea passes.

According to research by the University of Massachusetts, this exercise helps to get rid not only from nausea but also helps with diarrhea and constipation.

Compressed his palms together: to stabilize the condition of the mind and normalization of blood flow

Similar to the gesture that use in their religions, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists, isn't it?

This gesture promotes rapid entry into the meditative state and "works" almost as much as the previous one. In addition, according to some, the pressure of the palms on top of each other helps enhance blood flow to the kidneys and intestines.

Be sure to try our tips. They really work great. Not worth it to endure pain, because it can be overcome with a few finger movements.

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