Why Essential Oil Mouthwash Is Best For Mouth And Breath

Essential oil mouthwash is good for oral hygiene, below we care describing why they are important  for mouth and breath than the other commercial mouthwashes.

Why Essential Oil Mouthwash Is Best For Mouth And Breath
Why Essential Oil Mouthwash Is Best For Mouth And Breath

As we all know mouthwash is good for maintaining oral hygiene but there are very different different type of mouthwashes brands are available in the market so what kind of mouthwash you should use and why . You always use mouthwash with essential oils present in them because of many reasons.

They are best because they have anti-bacterial properties that kills the germs of mouth and stops building the dental plaque which later causes tooth decay and other problems to breath also. Essential oil mouthwash contains eugenol,thymol,phynol ,eucalypto and menthol that are good for healthy oral hygiene.below we are describing why such ingredients are necessary for your oral hygiene and the reason of using essential oil mouthwash.

Eugenol in Essential oil mouthwash:-

As we read in our last post mouthwash history ,the concept  of using eugenol oil comes from Ayurveda .the oil of eugenol is best medicine for relief of dental pain.it has such property that it can release the pain. the oil of eugenol has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property.that is the reason it is used in essential oil mouthwash that are good to maintain oral hygiene.the oil of eugenol kills those germs and bacteria which builds dental plaque and damages inner and outer layer of our gums.

Thymol in Essential oil mouthwash:-

Thymol is present in essential oil mouthwash in liquid form .it is good for those people who have cough problems and bronchitis .it open the air pathways and releases the cough.so when mixed with eugenol oil and other more ingredients of essential oil mouthwash it becomes more effective.good for oral hygiene and helps to have more fresh air.and hence it is used essential oil mouthwash.

Phenol in Essential oil mouthwash:-

Phenol is a toxic but few phenolic compounds are good for health their properties like ability to prevent cancer .That is why they are used in mouthwashes .phenolic compounds have antioxidant effects and similarly there are many why phenolic compounds are used in many mouthwash brands to maintain oral hygiene.

Eucalypto in Essential oil mouthwash:-

Eucalyptus is a tree and it's leaf and oil are good to loose cough and for prevention of infections.its leaf and oil is used to create many medicine for the cure of asthma,cough and fever.this is the reason eucalypto are used in essential oil mouthwash and to maintain oral hygiene.

Menthol in Essential oil mouthwash:-

Essential oil mouthwash contains menthol which helps in cure of dry cough and sore throats.it has several benefits but we are talking about mouthwashes and why it is used in mouthwash.

As you can see essential oil mouthwash have several benefits and this is the reason why these are strongly recommended.and the conclusion is essential oil mouthwash good for your mouth and breath and to maintain oral hygiene.

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