Who Invented Mouthwash For Oral Hygiene

Who is the inventor of mouthwash and who talked first about oral hygiene in our history.today we will discuss who shown us the real way for healthy life.

Who Invented Mouthwash For Oral Hygiene
Who Invented Mouthwash For Oral Hygiene

Ayurveda Researched on Micro level

You will see first inventors who ever talked about mouthwash are Ayurveda which means knowledge of life.they first emphasized on the use of mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene. In Ayurveda there are detail procedure about what you should do before eating and what after eating .they have researched on a micro level like what are the best body postures for eating food such detailed knowledge you can see in Ayurveda now the whole world specially people and companies of medical field are taking help of Ayurveda and making herbal products.we can get detail information from general medicine to surgery in Ayurveda of Indian people have adopted this and many are in this way. so Ayurveda was the first who gave detail information about mouthwash and talked about oral hygiene.and later it spread worldwide from Chinese medicines to the entire world.

Simple Homemade Mouthwash

Well if you want to know a very small recipe of mouthwash then read this.it is very simple take some boiled water add 1 spoon of baking soda in it and for freshness mix few drops of peppermint oil and you are done.a very simple homemade recipe for mouthwash.well it is quite obvious that every one must use mouthwashes for oral hygiene.poor oral hygiene will give birth to many diseases and specially these three.Mouthwash avoids these 3 diseases for oral hygiene.so now you know who actually invented the concept of mouthwash.so use the best mouthwash brands and be healthy.

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