Which Liquid Mouthwash Can I Use Daily?

Among the tips associated with good oral hygiene is usually the use of mouthwash, a type of liquid intended for the elimination of bacteria harmful to the teeth. In fact, its use should be daily according to experts in the field, having multiple benefits and no side effects, or at least that was previously thought.
Which Liquid Mouthwash Can I Use Daily?
Which Liquid Mouthwash Can I Use Daily?
Now, a new study published in Nitric Oxide by researchers at Harvard University has focused on such rinses, suggesting that excessive use of this antibacterial fluid could also end up with microorganisms beneficial to oral health , something that would consequently end up increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes .

Which Liquid Mouthwash Can I Use Daily?

You can use Listerine mouthwash as per daily basis or try alcohol free mouthwash. Or you can also make mouthwash at home. Simply using baking soda and your desired flavour. It will be healthy and antibacterial. The most important is it will be free from any kind of side effects.

But before using first you need to understand that should you use mouthwash daily or not?

Mouthwash, a set of risks and benefits

Supposedly the mouthwash should be directed specifically against plaque causing bacteria and bad breath. However, this new study ensures that its effect is indiscriminate , and also ends with bacteria whose goal is to protect the health of the teeth.

This is stated by researchers at Harvard University after studying more than 1,200 individuals using this antibacterial liquid an average of twice a day . According to their findings, these individuals were up to 55% more at risk of developing pre-diabetes - high blood sugar without diagnosis of diabetes - or directly type 2 diabetes mellitus in a period of three years.

It should be noted that, in previous studies, it has been shown that having poor oral hygiene leads to health problems in different parts of the body. Therefore, this would be the first investigation that would demonstrate that some theoretically positive practices, whose objective is to achieve that good state of health, would also have unwanted or expected negative side effects.

According to Kaumudi Joshipura, professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, the reality is that many of the ingredients in these mouthwash are not selective at all . They are not directed against specific bacteria, but can kill several types of bacteria.

The study on the risk of mouthwash

For the study, a total of 1,206 overweight people between 40 and 65 years on average were analyzed , who were already at risk of diabetes. During the study, 17% of these individuals ended up developing pre-diabetes or diabetes, but that percentage rose to 20% in those who used mouthwash once a day and up to 30% for those who used it twice a day. .

Professor Joshipura suggests that oral health protective bacteria would also be able to reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity , and that among them there would be some that produce nitric oxide, which helps regulate insulin levels and metabolism in general, In addition to keeping sugar levels under control.

Mouthwashes currently contain various types of substances, such as chlorhexidine, triclosan, cetylpyridinium chloride, alcohol, essential oils, fluoride and peroxide. All these substances have antiseptic capacity, that is, they are capable of killing various types of microorganisms. However, they are not specific, so they would also be able to kill bacteria useful for the organism, thus leaving the path free to other potentially harmful bacteria that have not been eliminated by daily oral hygiene.

In fact, another study published earlier this year 2017 in the Journal of Periodontal Reserarch concluded that some bacteria that reside in the mouths of humans have a protective potential against both diabetes and obesity; On the other hand, another study of the year 2013 also suggested that mouthwash can reduce the production of nitric oxide in the mouth up to 90%, something that would reduce this substance in blood up to 25%, leading to changes in blood pressure systemic as a consequence.

In conclusion, Harvard researchers warn that the indiscriminate use of mouthwash , thinking that it is harmless, can do more harm than good, and that it should be regulated based on these new works.


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