Top 10 Medical Video Games (Like A Alert Before Disease)

Top 10 medical video games to know more about health and medicine. Like a alert before diseases.

Top 10 Medical Video Games
Top 10 Medical Video Games

Do you want to learn more about medicine playfully while actually playing games? This is mouthwash oral hygiene and you're reading the latest article of The Mouthwash blog.

There are amazing methods available that can help us learn more about medicine, health, healthy lifestyle including mobile applications or board games and even actual video games.

So I thought that I would share the top 10 medical video games with you right now.

  1. Quizoid
  2. Prognosis
  3. Healing blade card game
  4. Occam's Razor
  5. Phylo

  1. Syrum
  2. Re-Mission 2
  3. Tycoon, 
  4. Emergency Room
  5. Trauma Center


Regarding mobile applications, I use Quizoid, a quiz game in which I can choose the category medicine and it gives me plenty of stories and practical examples about the history of medicine in the Pro mode.


A different application is called Prognosis which I use to test my medical decision making skills in a risk free environment and to assess and improve my clinical knowledge.

I get patient stories based on which I have to come up with the diagnostic and treatment options.

(3)Healing blade card game

Regarding board games, in the typical curriculum students have to study texts and data by heart but a company called Nerdcore Medical designs board games such as the Healing Blade card game that takes the player into a world of creatures where real world knowledge of infectious diseases and therapeutics play quite an important role in the winning strategy.

(4)Occam's Razor

Their second game, Occam's Razor, is a real diagnostic card game released by the same company.


Then here are online games such as Phylo which is a tile-matching video game.


And while games are playing the game they actually contribute to genetic and they can improve the annotation of genomic data just by playing this online game The second online game is Syrum, a social Facebook game which was released by a pharma company called Boehringer Ingelheim and it is about developing pharmaceutical medicines over a 100 years period from the 1950s to the 2050s.

(7)Re-Mission 2

And then regarding video games, there is Re-Mission 2 in which kids with cancer can play a game and they can use a character to fight against cancerous cells and bacteria; and the ammunition they use in those virtual weapons can have the same color and size as those pills and medications that they have to take in real life; this way improving their compliance from many perspectives.

(8,9,10)Tycoon, Emergency Room,Trauma Center

There are 3 more video games, actually older ones, such as Hospital Tycoon, Emergency Room or Trauma Center, but but not a really good game has been released recently focusing on medicine and healthcare.

So these are top 10, my favorite medical games.

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